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Being an entrepreneur is harder than having a regular schedule and working from 9 to 5 every day. When you have your own business to take care of it means that you have to manage every aspect and every facet of the whole activity – from payments to replenishing the stocks to making sure that the right marketing techniques are used for increasing your business potential.

Now, speaking of marketing, everything has moved to the online environment. You and your business have to be present online to make sure that you are visible and that anyone can easily find you. The internet has plenty of opportunities for everyone and it’s important to realize that you can use all of them (or almost all of them) to your advantage, or better said – for the advantage of your business.

Let’s see some interesting things about SEO, what it actually means and how you can use it to your benefit.

SEO and the Site’s Visibility

If you didn’t know, SEO stands for search engine optimization and it’s actually a technique that is used for increasing the visibility of your website in the online environment. Making a website visible actually, means increasing its ranking in search engine results pages. You know that people search for different things online, and the most important websites are the ones that are showed on the first page of the results.

If you have adequate SEO techniques, you have high chances or having your website on the first page, and this is a great thing for determining people to visit your site. To make sure you are there, you have to pay attention to the entire website. The search engine uses robots, also known as crawlers, which visit every page that is accessible on every site across the internet. The robots will gather the info from every webpage and they’ll store it on a server used by the search engine. In this way, when someone is searching for a term that is related to your website, the algorithm used by the search engine processes the information that was collected from your site and from similar sites. Based on the relevance and the sites that are most authoritative, the search engine will rank the sites and return them as results in a certain order. The best option and the best website based on their algorithm are presented at the top of the list.

The Keywords

What was given before was just a short explanation, but the truth is that the algorithms used by search engines have quite a few secrets – one of these secrets is represented by the keywords. You’ve already learned that people use words of small phrases to make a search – those are called keywords and they should be present in your website.

A Houston SEO for small business specialist knows that the use of keywords is relevant for increasing the visibility of the site. Each business has its own keywords and there are different tools that can help you identify the right keywords that you could use on your website to make it rank higher. Some are obvious and you could determine them by yourself, while others need to be determined with that tool. In any case, you should ask for specialized help when trying to apply SEO techniques.

The Content

The content of the website is extremely relevant, not just for the visitors but also for the robots of the search engine. Do you know how much it takes someone to determine if the website is worth visiting or not? The answer might amaze you – in less than 15 seconds a person will know if they want to read further. To make sure this happens, you need to have your content original and without grammar errors.

For the robots of the search engines, the content needs to have the right keywords and the text should be readable and well-written. A copied text will let the search engine know that the content is not original and the rank will decrease if you try to do this. However, with an original content and something relevant, the rank will increase and it will be able to attract more and more visitors.

The Images

It’s impressive to see a beautiful image when you open a website, but to make good use of it, you need to understand the process that takes place when the search engines try to read the image. A robot won’t “see” the image as a person, but it will understand the title of the image, the filename and the alt tag. Because of this, to be able to help the ranking, you’ll need to use the images with custom titles – change the randomly given title and rename it with something relevant and descriptive, so that it can be easily understood by the robots.

In the end, you should know that there are also plenty of things that matter when you use SEO, but a specialist can help you better than trying to do it by yourself. Don’t hesitate to ask for professional help when you create your own business because this can be the difference between failure and success!


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