Online Marketing Company in Westchester New York

Company Info

  • Founded: 2008
  • Incorporated: New York 2009
  • Industry Sector: Technology - Web Services
  • Focus: Small to Medium Businesses
  • Current Customers: 100+
  • Team Strength: 10+


Black Rhino Solutions Inc. provides powerhouse digital marketing solutions that help businesses and organizations succeed in the economy of today and tomorrow. Our team of dynamic professionals offers a diverse and high-quality portfolio of talent, expertise and cutting-edge intellect that is essential for developing effective online business tools and marketing strategies. A New York based company, operating in White Plains of Westchester County, Black Rhino excels at creating innovative graphic design, enterprising application and website development, and revenue-generating marketing channels via the web.


Black Rhino's Mission is to provide exceptional, customized, and affordable digital solutions to all of our clients. It is our goal to work closely with each client, getting to know them and their professional goals in order to maintain the delivery of quality customer service in addition to the delivery of quality products. We work to continuously improve using research, analysis, and our 'round the clock' work ethic.


We chose one of the strongest mammals known to mankind to reflect our company's personality. The Rhino is quick-to-charge and its horns have the incredible ability to regenerate. Like Black Rhino the animal, Black Rhino the company is constantly generating and regenerating. Whether its websites, marketing projects, graphics, or designs; you name it, we work for our clients until we have helped them accomplish their goals.