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Why Do I Need A Logo?

Logos are an essential part of branding development. If you are looking to stand out as a professional you need one symbol for the public to associate you or your company with. This helps to make it faster and easier for your market to identify you, in comparison to the rest of the world. An original and unique logo will help to elevate you above your competitors along with helping your current customers remember you later. When properly designed and thought-out, your logo and identity will help provide credibility, trustworthiness, and professionalism.

It is important to understand that a logo is intended to be recognisable and memorable by the general public. A logo should not be used as a means of describing a product or brand, rather it is meant to symbolize and identify an entity in the simplest possible form. A very successful example of this is Apple, Inc. One of the most recognized corporate logos in the world today is the Apple logo. Experts suggest that the simple, clean logo has helped to personify and catapult the technology giant to where it is today. Everyone in the world knows Apple and has come to associate its logo with approachable, user-friendly technological advancements that are fun and easy to utlize.

Developing a Logo with Black Rhino Solutions

The Black Rhino Solutions graphic design team works closely with you to develop a strong, original logo that is unique to you and/or your business. Our one-of-a-kind logo designs will help you to stand out among a sea of competitors and the general public.

Our graphic designers are trained in the most advanced design techniques that will help to boost your business

Creative Playtime is a pre-school located in a residential neighborhood bordering Eastchester and Scarsdale. It was established in 1981 as an outreach program for Grace Lutheran Church of Scarsdale.

The Endometriosis Foundation of America (EFA) seeks to provide hope to women suffering from the debilitating effects of endometriosis and associated diseases.

Aquest installations is a leading international fleet service provider.

D'Agostino Hair is a beauty salon and spa located in Orange County, New York. They have over 22 years of experience in the high-end beauty industry.


Sky-Packets provides Wi-Fi mesh technology to Property Managers, Developers, Municipalities, Commercial and Business Districts.

Organza is a lux brand for the discerning woman. Inspired by her mother, a visionary in South Asian culture, Sadia Huq provides the ultimate designs in Middle Eastern Fashion with her clothing and tunic design.

Follia Bridal offers gowns to meet any budget and any style. With a large selection of designer gowns and their own custom designs, this family owned and operated Bridal shop some of the finest dresses for any occasion.

Mike Baier Designs is a one stop solution for audio, lighting, video, and digital solutions.


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