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The Growth of Soccer Defines the Future of Sports Advertising

During the duration of 60 matches played during the 2014 FIFA World Cup up to this point, an astounding 1.8 billion related searches have been recorded by Google trends. Millions of tweets and Facebook posts were dedicated to the matches of the world cup and the professionals that took part in it. During the devastation that Germany delivered to Brazil (7 to 1), a record 35.6 million tweets were created related to the game. That was the most tweeted about sports game in the history of Twitter (even more than the 2014 world cup final where Germany won)!

Inside Twitter: The Nest, the Birds and the Bird Calls.

It’s impossible to ignore the impact that Twitter has made on businesses around the world. For those who have yet to explore the vast potential of Twitter, now’s the time!  
Twitter is a social networking/micro blogging service that allows users to create 140-character “tweets” that can be seen by their followers. Twitter allows users to follow other users even if there is not mutual interest in following (for example, it’s possible to follow a celebrity without having them follow you)

Magento Vs Drupal Commerce

The last two weeks we have had over 5 inquiries ask us why we use Drupal and why we don't use WordPress or Joomla for Ecommerce websites. To be honest, I was almost taken back! I wouldn't even really consider Joomla for a CMS, let alone a full ecommerce website. But anyway, in response- there are a lot of systems out there such as WordPress, Joomla, BigCommerce, etc. Some are better than others, but the two open source commerce platforms that we feel take the cake are Drupal and Magento.

Making It Work : The 10 Things You Should Know As A Small Business Owner

If you're reading this, you're probably aware that launching a small business wasn't quite as easy as you thought it would be. If you've kept your business running, you've also realized that being successful isn't just about working hard. A variety of factors can contribute to the “success” of a small business, many of which are directly tied to the mentality and work ethic of the small business owner and their employees.